Whatsapp Gold – a viral Scam message

Whatsapp Gold – a viral Scam message

One of the most popular and well-known instant text messaging applications is Whatsapp. In the recent past, Whatsapp has become one of the biggest platforms to connect the world with each other. After being owned by the famous social media site Facebook, WhatsApp has become more users’ friendly and trendy.

As the popularity of the app is increasing the number of scammers is going high as well. In the recent past, some of Whatsapp users are frequently receiving a message that says about the ‘Whatsapp Gold’.

People are getting curious and of course some of them are getting trapped in there as well. If you have received such a message as well then let me tell you, you might be in great trouble.

Whatsapp Gold – a viral Scam message

For the past few days, a message has become viral in Whatsapp that says “upgrade to WhatsApp gold that is used by the celebrities and you can befriend with your favorite celebs across the world” followed by a link http://www.goldenversion.com/.

The message looks like a normal one that asks you to upgrade your application. But it is a little different from the other links.

The moment you click on the link it will redirect you to the page that shows 404 error. The page won’t show you anything but unfortunately by the time your device will be affected by the malware attack. The message is clearly a scam but many of us don’t have any idea about it.

The Telegraph UK has stated that the message says after upgrading one can make a video call and also send 100 images at a time. But the app is not available in Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Whatsapp Gold – What the company says

As the message started rotating people from all over the world has started sharing it on microblogging sites. Knowing the matter, the company has commented on it by saying that they never send any message asking the user to upgrade the app. They use emails and their social media pages to talk about their new features and upgrades. So they have also said not to click on any link that comes via text message or some unknown number.

Whatsapp group has also stated that there is no such special version of whatsapp for the celebrities in anywhere in the world. The celebs are also using the same version that ordinary people use. So if again you receive such message please don’t click on any link.

Whatsapp Gold – things to know

If you are still confused that why should it be a scam? Or what is the motive behind such act then let me help you here? The motive is pretty clear. Someone somewhere is eager to know about you and your movements. Now if you are thinking it could be someone you know then of course it is not necessary.

  • A scammer has only one intention and that is to steal data from known or unknown people’s devices or system.
  • Scammers circulate such messages and links to collect huge data from large number of people. We often save many important docs, images, videos and details in our phone or in clouds and they are simply after those data.
  • If you can remember “Whatsapp Plus”, another scam that took place few times back then you must have understood what Whatsapp Gold is all about.
  • If you receive any message saying ‘celebrity version’ or ‘exclusively for you’ followed by the link goldenversion.com then beware of the message and avoid clicking on the link.

Whatsapp Gold – How to know about a scam post

We often receive such messages on whatsapp that says click on so and so lick to know more. But it is not possible for anyone to know whether the post is a scam or not. In this case as whatsapp officials say that they never text any user about the upgrades. They email the users or sometimes they share the news on their social media pages and websites.

As of now no one knows how many people got affected by this scam but if you are one of them it is recommended to uninstall the app and install it again from your device app store.

Whatsapp Gold – quick review

What it isA scam message that asks for app upgrading
Link postedwww.goldenversion.com
Circulated inWhatsapp Messenger
How to fix itUninstall the app and re-install it from store

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