Web-Based Application on Integrated Waste Management System

Web-Based Application on Integrated Waste Management System

The Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India has launched an online web portal and dedicated application named the IWMS which aims to revise and develop the old waste management techniques. This online application will be open for all the industries and factories operating in India.

They can freely register themselves under this online scheme to tackle and efficiently disburse the issues regarding waste management in their industries. Environment Minister, Shri P. Javadekar mentioned in his announcement that the IWMS will surely prove to be an efficient technique to perform waste management and the industries can apply for it online.

Main objective of the Integrated Waste Management System

The main motto to launch this online application is to perform quick and efficient permission granting, application processing and other works online through the web portal. Earlier, the industries needed to put separate application to the civic authority for waste management permissions manually.

These applications were processed and then required permissions were granted. This involved a lot of time and a lack of transparency in the system. So this web application named IWMS will be the single window to provide all the services under waste management.

All permissions, be it for waste management or for import or export will be provided through this application.

Mapping of industries by the Integrated Waste Management System

According to data revealed by the Ministry of Environment, it has mapped many industries in the nation in their newly launched web application called IWMS, which are dealing with hazardous wastes coming out of their units.

There is an estimated number of 43,000 industrial and production units that deal with several hazardous industrial wastes coming out of their units every day.

The Govt. has already started mapping these industries and getting them registered under the IWMS web portal. So far, it has successfully registered around 30,000 such industries and soon all remaining industries will be mapped.

Getting permissions for waste import and export

Through this online portal IWMS, the Govt. has decided to provide necessary permissions to the industrial units through online mode, so that they can carry out their import and export of wastes. There are several wastes of the industries which are imported or exported as they are later recycled and reused for various other purposes.

Recycling wastes is one of the major agenda of the Environment Ministry. So through this web application, the civic bodies will pass necessary permissions for the import / export of industrial wastes for their recycling.

Online certification and permission grants

All required permissions and certifications to the existing industries and also to the startups regarding their waste management and other civic fields will be handled through this online web portal. The industries will no longer have to visit the authorities of the civic bodies to get the necessary permissions and grants.

They can upload their requisitions and the Govt. will address them through the same online portal. This will make the entire system transparent, error-free, efficient, and consistent.

The use of paper works shall be minimized and digital way of communication between the Govt. and the industries will be carried forward through this online application named IWMS.

Agencies can check application status

All the advancements in the works of waste management will be updated regularly in the database of the IWMS. Hence, the agencies that have applied for permissions or other requests can easily track their application status at any point in time. They will get complete details of the process flow of their application in real-time.

They can make real-time tracking of their application and find out the current location of the same in the system. The Environment Ministry will act as the administrator of the dashboard of the IWMS.

Database creation on different waste categories

The industries and factories have several categories of wastes coming out of their units. Some are less harmful to environment while some are extremely hazardous, even for the workers working there. Some wastes are ready to be recycled again. So the Govt. has decided to create separate database of different types of wastes in its online application, IWMS.

The categories of waste materials are electronic wastes, plastic wastes, biochemical wastes, municipal wastes, etc. Some are so hazardous that if not dealt with care and decomposed, they may result in to threat to the environment.

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So the IWMS will create separate databases of the different waste categories and act upon their waste management.

State wise and national database on waste management

The web application IWMS will be helpful to put an organized database of all the wastes and waste generating units all over the country. This single window will have details of every ongoing waste management procedure in each and every industrial unit. The database will be sub divided into state wise units.

So the state civic authorities will find it beneficial and focus on their industrial units and their sectors. The civic authorities will be able to efficiently identify the bugs and act accordingly. This web application will make the entire civic system transparent.

Bridge among the industrial units and waste management agencies

The IWMS online application will be the bridge between the industrial units and the agencies which perform the waste management operations like waste disposal, waste recycling, waste management, etc.

The industrial units can connect with several agencies through this single web-based window and make direct communication. Also, the civic bodies of pollution control are under this same window. The industrial units can connect with them directly for necessary certifications through this web portal.

Achieving Easy of Doing Business and Make in India projects

Better coordination and efficient processing of the applications and queries on the waste management issues by the civic bodies will result in achieving the goal of ease of doing business which is a major component of the Make in India scheme.

Efficient application processing, the quick generation of the required permission, a digital database system, etc. will surely provide ease of doing business for the industrial units.

Entrepreneurship will also be encouraged in this scheme. This will help in strengthening the Make in India and Digital India projects.

Upgraded version (Phase II) of IWMS

Another upgraded version of the IWMS is underway and will come up very soon. This modifies IWMS will be equipped with GIS maps which will track and provide accurate information on the waste management works throughout the country.

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GIS mapping will help in generating a visual projection of the ongoing waste management projects in several industrial units. It will also deal with the annual returns which are filed by the industrial units on waste management every year.

Some important data regarding the web portal for waste management:

Sl. No.FieldsRelated Data
1Name of online applicationIntegrated Waste Management System
2Administration authorityMinistry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
3Total number of industrial units releasing hazardous wastes43,000
4Total number of industrial units mapped under the IWMS30,000
5Tracking of application status by industrial unitsReal time tracking
6Storage of data on waste managementCloud storage
7Projects to be beneficial by IWMSMake in India, Digital India

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