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Smartphone Buy Freedom 251 | How to buy Online | cash on delivery Options

Everybody in India is searching for freedom 251 since morning today and wants to get the answer to these questions, Why is the price so low?, should I buy it? Is cod (cash on delivery) available? What is the specification? will it carry any warranty? Why the site is down and when will be up for booking FREEDOM 251

The lines relating to tech gadgets had been abuzz for the past few days. The fire which was just a small one developed into a rage as D-day approached closer. The past few days the lines turned into a smoldering iron with the release of the news that Freedom 251 was turning into reality today, Tuesday 18 of February.

An Rs. 251 Smartphone unheard and unthought-of in the geeky world has happened. Thanks to the Modi government’s Make in India initiatives, this project has seen the light of day in record time.

Ringing bells the maker of this new and unique Indian Smartphone is a conglomeration of native entrepreneurs and technical wizards /lovers of the mobile world. It can therefore be very well called the Modi, 251 rs Smartphone.

How does this product have such a low price tag ?

The most obvious question cropping up in any mind is the veracity of the price tag vis-a-vis the features of the gadget. At first glance it appears to be a high end toy mobile gadget given the cost factor of just Rs 251.

So the question is why the price is so low and is it a serious product in the mobile range of product? Happy to note that the answer is yet it is low cost but a very competitive product set to give other mobiles a run for their money in the market.

The technical team which took on the present government’s call for a low-cost completely made in India mobile set, are highly qualified. They had no financial profit making ideas in their head when they took on this project.

Sharing their high and large technical knowledge with each other they have been able to come out with this marvel of a product.

How to buy freedom 251 | Is cash On delivery (Cod) Available?

The product has been launched only in the online world today for this make in India phone booking process. If someone has answered the question of should I buy this product with a yes, and looking for a how-to buy process, then they must go to the Freedom251 Home Page.

This page is also called the Pradhan Mantri smartphone booking page given his personal interest in the formation of this gadget.

Do check for your location is listed in the Freedom 251 delivery stations. Add the phone to the shopping cart and complete the booking process. That includes giving the shipping details and completing the payment of Rs 251 by online methods.

Yes, as of now the phone is just an Rs. 251 Smart Phone. Booking lines are open only until 8 pm on 18 Feb 2016. This means there is no COD that is cash on delivery options.

Please find the the steps to book Freedom 251 Online

  • Log in to the official site
    Freedom 251 Buy Online
  • Then click on the Buy Now button. This will take you to the screen shown below
    Freedom 251 Order Cart
  • The quantity of Freedom 25 phones is auto-selected as 1. You can buy only one Freedom 251 at a time with a unique Phone Number and Unique email Id. As you can see from the screen rs 40 has been charged for delivery.
  • Fill The form available which will ask for your phone number, address, and other details.
  • Click on to “Order Now”. After you have clicked this button you will be redirected to this screen. As you can see your order has been confirmed but the payment company will mail you the process within 48 Hours.

A look at the specifications

If the specification of the wonder phone is now looked at :-

Size of screen4.00 inch (this is just the small size screen)
Resolution540 X 940 pixels (enough for normal graphics)
Storage8 GB (other mobiles now come with a starting of 16 GB)
Processor1.3 GHz (multiple apps running simultaneous not possible)
RAM1 GB (other mobiles now come with min 3 GB)
Rear Camera3.2 MP ( just to take reasonable pictures)
Front Camera0.3 MP (not something that urban video chatters would even look at)
OSAndroid 5.1
Battery Capacity1450 mAh (can barely hold for sometime if any game is even attempted or video chat is thought of)

It is very clear that the team at ringing Bells has cut a very intelligent and decent compromise between the features they could include in the gadget while keeping costs to levels that stands for the Modi governments make in India policy.

Delivery of the item | Track your Freedom 251 Phone and check its status

Delivery of the item has been slated to begin in June this year when the item would be delivered to those who have successfully placed their order via the Freedom 251 bookings procedures. This therefore replies all questions related to How Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone India Cheapest Phone COD Options or how can book make in India Smartphone that can occur in anemones mind.

Smartphone Freedom 251 | How to Buy
Smartphone Freedom 251 | How to Buy

Pre-installed apps the mobile would come with

A look at the pre-installed apps that the mobile is coming with gives further insight into the customer base that the product holds as its primary clients. The apps are Swachh Bharath (which is once again a present government initiative mainly aimed at educating the rural masses the idea of health and its association with happiness).

Women Safety , the other app which is also something that would help the rural women learn about their rightful place in Indian society. Fisherman and Farmer are two other similar apps that have been developed primarily to assist the rural folks in their daily work.

There is a medical app also for educating and helping such people to live safe. Whatsap and facebook are apps which are common social media apps.

Government initiative and thinking

The Modi government had one prime focus which they have been implementing quite seriously and vigorously. That is to connect all of India under one communication umbrella. The umbrella that they realized which would stand all onslaught of the Indian climate had to be cheap by cost and yet not be cheap by quality.

Ringing Bells the maker of mobile phones in the Indian market realized the implications of this idea and with all stops removed by the Indian government went ahead full steam to produce the item. A similar exercise of an essential and had to be low cost item was the tablet for college students which fructified with the Akash tablet.

There too a product was aimed at a specific group of consumer and attained high success in that segment. This Freedom 251 can and should be looked at with a similar judgement eyes to gauge or rate its affectivity.

What this means is that if it is being expected that the mobile would be huge success in the urban areas and it does not do so, then it is not a factor to conclude it has failed. Given the specification of the product and what the government desired , the product should be rated with its success rate in the rural areas.

Consumers in the rural areas, desire a device that would help them make telephone calls, at times connect to some commonly used apps like face book, whatsapp etc. not much into heavy gaming or computing requirements would the simple village folks require this gadget to provide them.

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