Meaning of op in free fire: free fire op😍 op meaning in free fire

Op meaning in free fire: This question is of many people that what is the meaning of oP in free fire game, definitely tell me that many of you must have heard this many times op full form in free fire that this boy play op, so here I will tell you what is the meaning of free fire op so let’s go Let’s start and we are telling you here what is the meaning of Op in Free Fire

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Free fire op meaning | op full form in free fire

OP = over powerful or over performance

Free fire op meaning: So let me tell you here that in the free fire now in pubg both OP means over powerful yes you heard right over powerful whenever we see a good guy which is quite Plays well so we call him OP means over powerful I think you must be understanding what OP means in Free Fire.

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Free fire op meaning in hindi

free fire Op meaning in hindi = अधिक शक्तिशाली

Right now I told you the meaning of Op above but I told you in English so I would like to tell you the meaning of OP in Hindi is अधिक शक्तिशाली, now I think your doubt must have been cleared because what is meaning of op in hindi.

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Conclusion: about op full form in free fire

op full form in free fire: So I would like to say this to you in the end that how long can you use the word anywhere, not that you can use this word in free fire pubg, you can consider this word anywhere, you can use that word You can think in your normal life because op means and over powerful.

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Then it sounds very good to hear and it is also short form and powerful that I probably think that you have come to know what is the meaning of duty Yes, if you got a little help from this station, then please share this article with your friend, then our hard work will be successful.

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