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What is HTML.? (HTML Tutorials)

HTML stands for ( Full Form ) Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used for Webpage designing and Website Development. HTML documents are written in special codes which are understood by any Web Browsers to do a specific task defined by the user.

HTML provides a method to format Texts, Create Links, Lists, Insert Images, etc. which is used in a Webpage.

History of HTML

  • First Version of HTML developed in 1991 by Berners-Lee.
  • The second version of HTML launched in 1995 by IETF.
  • Then version 3.2 to the Current version were launched by W3C.

Different Versions of HTML are :

  • HTML 1.0
  • HTML 2.0
  • HTML 3.0
  • HTML 3.2
  • HTML 4.0
  • XHTML – eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML 5 – This version of HTML is supported by almost all web browsers.

The latest Version of HTML is HTML 5.(when this post is created.)

HTML Basics :

  1. HTML document contains Text and Markup called Tags.
  2. HTML document is written in HTML Text Editors available in markets.
  3. An HTML page is all about Tags.
  4. If you are new to HTML, you should focus on learning HTML structure, HTML Tags, and their functions.

HTML Editor

  1. There are different types of HTML Editors available in the market which provides some different features. Some popular HTML Editor is listed below :
  2. Notepad++
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver
  4. Sublime

HTML Element

HTML Element consists of a Tag, Tag’s Attributes, and contents related to the webpage. The root element of an HTML document is having a closing tag.


  1. HTML Tags are codes which defines a specific region in a HTML document to design a specific content of a webpage. HTML Tags are written within < > (angular braces).
  2. HTML Tags are Case – Insensitive.
  3. Tags that are not recognized by the browser are ignored without doing any changes to defaults
HTML Structure
HTML Structure

HTML Tags are of Two types :

  • Embedded Tag
  • Standalone Tag

Embedded Tag :

  • Embedded Tag contains a Starting tag

Standalone Tag :

  • Standalone Tag does not have a Closing Tag .


HTML tags have some properties which can optionally used in designing an attractive webpage and to change the default appearance according to user requirement, is known as “Attributes”.

  1. Attributes are placed within the Starting Tag.
  2. Standalone Tags also have attributes.
  3. #. Example –
  4. Multiple attributes can be used in a tag according to requirement, leaving a space after one attribute.
  5. Values of attributes are used in (” “) double quotation marks, XHTML recommends same.
  6. Each Tag has its own attributes which are predefined by its creators if an attribute is not specified values will be given by the web browser.

Simple HTML Code

To write a simple HTML code we have to keep these things in mind :

  1. First we use to write root element of HTML, i.e – .(including closing tag)
  2. Second we define Head tag (, includes a closing tag.), under which Webpage title and Meta tags are placed.
  3. Then we defines the Body tag (), in which whole webpage contents will be placed.(includes a closing tag)

Common HTML Tags :

<HTML> ...... </HTML> - This is a root element of an HTML document.
<BODY> ....... </BODY> - Within this tag whole webpage contents are placed.
<HEAD> ....... </HEAD> - Within this tag title, meta tags and stylesheet are placed.
<P> ....... </P> - This html tag is used to create a Paragraph of texts.
<BR> - This html tag is used for inserting a line break within two lines.
<B> ........ </B> - This html tag is used to make text Bold.
<i> ........ </i> - This tag is used to make text Italic.
<U> ........ </U> - This tag is used Underline a text.
<CENTER> ........ </CENTER> - This tag is used to align content in Center.
<HR> - This tag is used to insert a Horizontal Rule.
<STRONG> ......... </STRONG> - This tag is similar as <B> tag, Bold text.
<Hn> ......... </Hn>  - This html tag is used to define a Heading. (From n=1 to 6)
<TABLE> ........ </TABLE> - This tag is used to insert a Table in a webpage.
<IMG src =".......">- This tag is used to insert an image to a webpage.

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