How to see upi id in google pay: यूपीआई आईडी कैसे देखें Gpay

Google pay upi id kaise dekhe: Hello, Friends today I am here to tell you about how to check UPI id on google pay. If you use google pay then it this very important to know your Gpay UPI id. Because if someone not using google pay then they do not send you money if you do not know your google pay UPI id.

So let’s start and know how to see UPI id in google pay (यूपीआई आईडी कैसे देखें google pay).

How to see upi id in google pay

For to see your own google pay UPI id you have to follow some steps that I share you below. so let’s start and know how you can see google pay upi id.

Step 1. You have to open your google pay app

If you do not have google pay on your phone then this is a must download google pay. If you do not have Gpay then you have to download google pay from here.

Step 2. In the top right, click on your profile picture

After opening google pay you have to click on the top right side of your profile picture. You just have to click on the profile picture, you don’t have to click anywhere else.

Step 3. Tap bank account

After clicking on the profile picture, you have to click on the bank account of whomever you want to see UPI ID.

Step 4. Select the bank whose upi id you want to see

If you have many banks in your Google pay, then you will get from many banks which you have added, but if you have only one bank account, then you will see only one bank, there you have to click on the same bank. You have to click on the bank whose UPI ID you want to view.

Step 5. Now you able to see your upi ID

Now you can see the UPI ID. If you do not know where the UPI ID is, then let me tell you that under the name of your bank, You see your UPI id.

If you did not understand whatever I wrote today or you want to see them practical, then I have put the video below, you can watch this video, whatever process I have told here, get the same process live in this video have told you by doing so.

Conclusion: How to see upi id in google pay

Nowadays, in this era, our phone must have one of the apps like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, etc. because nowadays digital payment service has started from village to village, everyone should encourage online payment and it is very easy.

I hope now you problem-solve how to see up id in google pay. At this time we must have to use any digital payment app like google pay, Paytm, phone pay, etc. But Gpay is better than other apps

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