Facebook Account Deactivate | FB Account Permanently Delete

Take a Glance before Deactivating your Facebook account

Facebook is Social media Platform where you can connect with your loved once easily and also you can perform some necessary business deals and promotions on Facebook. In my point of view Facebook is much better social media platform to connect on.

But if you spent most of your valuable time on Facebook and you thought that you are committing some mistake by using Facebook then you should need some actions to be taken against this activity. You can minimize its uses if possible.

There are two ways to get rid off from your Facebook account :

  • The First way is to ‘deactivate your Facebook account’; which can help you to re-activate your account at any time. Till then, other Facebook users can not view your Facebook profile and posts, or even can’t search you. Although some information may be visible, like the direct messages you have previously communicated with someone but a profile can not be accessed.
  • The second way is to ‘permanently delete your Facebook account’…for a lifetime. When you select to delete the permanent step, Facebook will schedule a date for permanent deletion of your account after the request is made. If you log in before that scheduled date, the queue of your Facebook account deletion is canceled and your account will be restored and you can access your account easily from now(Facebook always wants to help you at any step).
  • Once your Facebook account has been permanently deleted then there is no procedure to re-activate your account at any instant. Facebook data states that, it can take up to 90-days to delete the stored data in backup systems.

Want to Deactivate Facebook Account..Here’s how ?

Wooo, so you have selected the less damaging and having recovery option. You can get back easily whenever you want to access your Facebook profile again. The following steps to be taken to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily after Logging In to your Profile :

  • Click on the Drop Down-arrow present in the Top-Right of any Facebook page using any Browser.
  • Facebook Account Deactivate Drop-Down Arrow
  • Select the “Settings” option from it.
  • Facebook Account Delete Settings Option
  • Click on the “Your Facebook Information” menu present in the Left-Side column
  • Click on the “Deactivation and Deletion” option.
  • FB Account Deactivation and Deletion
  • Select the “Deactivate Account” option and confirm your decision.
    Deactivate Account Option

If you felt that you can not ignore using Facebook then you can re-activate your Facebook account by Logging back into Facebook and get access of your profile will as previously.

Want Delete Facebook Account Permanently..forever?

Facebook Account Deactivate Permanently
Facebook Account Deactivate Permanently

Sadly, you have opted for the option of permanent deletion of your FB account. You can not get back to your profile once it gets deleted after getting your request. You can not be able to get in touch with your friends and loved ones on Facebook anymore.

It is as simple as Previous steps and selecting “Permanently Delete Account” instead of ‘Deactivate Account’ —— BUT GET BACKUPS.!

  1. Before clicking on “Permanently Delete Account” follow the steps mentioned below to get backups of your Facebook account data and save it on your computer in easy steps :
  2. If you logged in to a desktop, Follow this Link (Facebook’s help page to delete your account).
  3. Click on the Drop Down-arrow present in the Top-Right of any Facebook page using any Browser. (Follow above Steps)
  4. Select “Download Facebook Data” from the ‘Deactivation and Deletion’ menu present in the ‘Your Facebook Information’ menu.
  5. Download Facebook Data

After applying Backup, Click on “Delete Account” button.
Your Facebook Account will be scheduled for Deletion and will be deleted on that particular date.


Thanks for following my post on “Facebook Account Deactivate” and “FB Account Permanently Delete“. Above all the ways of deleting or deactivating a Facebook Account are provided after getting ‘Facebook Data Backup’ in easy steps as mentioned on Facebook. If you find this article useful then share it with your friends and family to get them to know these easy steps

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