Ted’s woodworking plan review: scam or legit? [2020 updated]

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Ted’s Woodworking plan Review: Woodworking is one of these particular hobbies which combines craftsmanship with artwork.  I enjoy figuring out new jobs to take to test and polish my abilities on timber stuff.

If you are the DIY kind like me, you try to find every chance to use your hands to create things.  It is a sheet of pleasure for me to see my hand made artwork.

I enjoy flipping pages of publications revealing layouts of wood furniture, such as garden seats, or maybe a cute small table and materials; plus it feels fantastic believing that I would have the ability to produce exactly the exact same or even something greater.
Nevertheless, you would have the ability to presume I no doubt adore spending time on woodworking jobs.

More about this in a little…

But because of time and work limitations, I could not manage to do a lot of my research for woodworking programs for a while due to that.

I bought it myself, that's why I'm telling you about it

Online Ted’s Woodworking plan Programs

That’s why I look on the internet for hyperlinks on books/guides which are simple to follow step by step and extend the entire plan once I have a job in mind.
I am aware I have to cover it given that I am going to have the ability to achieve everything I need with lesser construction blocks and puzzles to solve.
When I saw and read articles about the so-called package completed from Ted’s woodworking plans boasting a list of 16,000 tools, I was excited.  I was like, “Yes!  This will be great for certain!”  And I was then sure that I was in the right place at the moment.

What would you get around Teds Woodworking Plans?

  • 16,000 layouts & projects
  • DWG/CAD Software
  • 150 Videos
  • The best way to launch a woodworking business
  • Manuals to woodworking
  • Higher resolution quality
  • Immediate Access
  • Lifetime membership
  • For the two novices and advanced
  • Complete range of projects
  • Sixty Money Back Guarantee

Here Is what happened next in Ted’s woodworking plan :

 I was thinking perhaps I will find well-defined notions, not accurate with what is in my thoughts and somehow some PDF downloadables and hyperlinks for job diversity will probably be there. 
It had tens of thousands of plans inside the package with a massive and detailed assortment of woodworking videos and projects to improve.  Nonetheless, it’s nowhere close to 16,000 programs as marketed contained in the bundle.

I purchased the bundle on the fly before thinking considerably.  It sounded amazing, and for its cost, it is a steal!  (Well, it appeared to be.)

I watched a few woodworking videos and anyone can say it is not a video that has been correctly produced or maybe not even of quality that’s at least suitable.
 I remembered seeing a few of the plans everywhere…
This was when I decided to dig deeper to figure out what was happening.
I thought to myself, “He could not promote other people’s work, could he?”  It isn’t legal in electronic media.

Firms use people or characters all of the time to signify what the product is about and give it another dimension.  The character isn’t necessarily’real’ like Ted.

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Teds woodworking Rating

Quality: 95 % 
All of the plans we’ve assessed have been simple to recognize and extremely in debt.

 user Experience: 90 %
 Although I’ve minimal practical experience with woodworking, I did get really decent outcomes in the little tasks I produced.

Support: 80%
I experimented with composing help and did get a response. Though it did require close to 2 days. This may have been a little more quickly but most for all of the moment was fine, as well as the result was very useful.

Complete Score: 88%

Ted’s woodworking plan review an honest customer opinion

A number of us do feel a little cheated with this.  But it seems to be the way the world is going these days.  It is also very important to note that this does not change the product at All 

Because there Appears to Be a Great Deal of sketchy reviews out there

So with this review, I did a little digging about the product, the website, and what other people thought of Ted’s Woodworking Plans
What does alter the product is a Number of the promises which Ted’ makes on his site we do not think are 100% true
Here is what I found…

The truth is that’Ted’ most likely does not exist.  He is probably a persona composed by the owner of the merchandise… kind of like the Marlboro man and Tony the Tiger (who seems on Kellogg’s cereals)

And we also found that Ted infers or indicates some things which are a little sketchy also, for example:

  1. Ted uses pictures of a box and CD when the product is digital and you have to pay extra for the CD – DVD set to be sent to you
  2. Ted says’16,000 Step By Step Plans’ – when they aren’t all step by step (scroll down to view screenshots of real strategies )
  3. Ted states’skill level does not matter’ – There are strategies in here Acceptable for novices but not All they are

Ted’s woodworking plan is it too good to be true?

And some of the programs are fantastic.  Some are fine.  I am not surprised it is not perfect.  It is a huge assortment and mishmash of different strategies for all sorts of merchandise.
Here is the mindset you need to have if you purchase Ted’s Woodworking.  Accept the fact you will not enjoy every strategy.  In reality, take you will likely not do 90 percent or more of these for any variety of reasons like the programs are poor or they are not jobs you would like to construct.

Not really.  It is very excellent.  It is not ideal, but it is good.

BUT, the couple plans that you do enjoy and which are decent grade, if you assemble them will make the price of the digital collection of woodworking programs worth it.

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Will I request my money back? 

No.  It is worth the price I paid.  Sure, I could request a refund and likely get it and keep the plans (they are digital in PDF form); however, that’s not my personality.   I am pretty confident I’ll get my money’s worth in the long run.
Moreover, I am assured within my Ted’s Woodworking member section that I’ll get access to new plans which are added in the future.  Obviously, I don’t have any idea if this will happen.

Main Woodworking Plans

  • Part 1Project Compilation
  •  1Project Compilation 
  • Two Big Book of Woodworking
  •  PlansOutdoor Furniture Plans

Many Popular Collection Furniture Around the Home

  •  Crafts and Entertaining Items
  • The Outside Group
  •  Starter Projects


Overall, I am happy.  I discovered several jobs worth doing along with the programs were sufficiently (Hindi Help Guide) comprehensive that I would have the ability to construct them.

It is a fantastic stock to have available although I don’t have any immediate need.  If I want to construct something, I’ve got a fantastic set of strategies to look out for.

 It is made for the average person who has no previous experience building.  You do not require any costly equipment or access to your woodworking center either. 

 The programs are all broken down into simplified conditions and directions and use common tools that can be located at a reasonable cost at your local hardware store in case you don’t already have them.

  You even get two weeks to access the entire app and most of the 16,000 woodworking programs with the 60 Day money-back guarantee That is ample time to determine precisely how simple the measures are and to start building a project or two. 

 Best of all, this program teaches you important skills that may save you a wealth of cash moving forward.   You might even find that you enjoy woodworking so much that you want to start a little business on the side.  Either way, you’ve over 16,000 plans to get you started.

I bought it myself, that’s why I’m telling you about it

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